It’s not a job, its a passion.

Jason Toomey has always had a passion for excellence. As a child, he was the kid polishing and washing his push bike and other painted toys. This pure desire to have the shiniest, cleanest paint going round has never left Jason. It was destiny for All Class Detailing to be born.

All Class Detailing is not just another get it in then out car washing business. Jason treats every vehicle as if it were his own. Being a car enthusiast, owning a sports car himself, he understands the connection we have between ourselves and our vehicles. This is why Jason is trusted by so many high end and enthusiast car owners with their pride and joy on a regular basis.

This same quality of workmanship, goes into every car Jason and his team pamper, from your standard family sedan to a high end Porsche race car.

So for quality over quantity, regardless of your type of vehicle, trust All Class Detailing to go the extra mile and rejuvenate  your vehicle to showroom finish.

Porsche 1973 RSR

A very rare 1973 Porsche 911 S / RSR – One of the regulars at All Class Detailing.

Cars, Bikes, Boats, Trucks, Caravans, you bring it, we’ll bling it!